Tomorrow is today?

Thursday 31st May 2018


Willy returned home from school.

He had a quick lunch.

After that he headed towards the willow tree.

Two days had passed since boys found the place to hide messages.

He was sure some message had to be there.

Willy looked around.

Nobody was around.

He quietly lifted the rock.

He was excited to find a small note there.

“Meet me at 4pm tomorrow here - Charlie”

Willy was confused.

“When did Charlie leave this?” he wondered.

It could not have been the day before.

After all they had met in the afternoon the day before.

He guessed Charlie would have left it yesterday.

However it could be that he had left it even this morning.

Willy’s head started spinning.

He was getting annoyed with Charlie.

“Why could he not have written the date of the letter?” he wondered.

Willy was wondering what to do.

He couldn’t go home.

If Charlie had left it yesterday he should return in a while.

After all today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

Willy guessed the time to be around 3-30am.

He started walking up and down the road.

Suddenly he saw two deer legs behind a shrubbery.

Chubby ran to the place.

His guess was right.


Chubby was fast asleep.

“Hey wake up” Willy shook his shoulder.

Chubby got up.

After a few seconds he returned to his senses.

“It’s that note of Charlie” Chubby explained.

“I saw it while ago. I don’t know when is Charlie’s tomorrow” he added.

Willy laughed aloud.

“That’s exactly what happened to me” he told his friend.

Both agreed to wait till 4 pm and see whether Charlie would come.