The surprise

Wednesday 28th February 2018


It was a piano.

Curly couldn’t believe her eyes.

Mama, Papa and Charlie too rushed there.

Yes it was a very elegant piano.

Mama Rabbit touched the fall board.

“It’s made of hard maple wood” she concluded.

Everyone looked at Grand Aunt.

“I got it as a gift” a beaming Grand aunt said

“From whom?” everyone wanted to find out.

“From cousin Carrol” she replied.

Grand Aunt Carrol is a cousin of Grandma Rabbit.

Grand Aunt Carrol has moved to the city.

Her daughter lives there.

“Her daughter’s house is small. There was no space to keep the piano” Grand Aunt explained.

“So she gave me the piano” she said smiling.

Everyone was so happy for Grand Aunt.

“Oh, you are so lucky Auntie” Mama Rabbit said.

“Please play a song Grand Aunt” Curly pleaded.

The others too begged.

Grand Aunt gently sat on the piano stool.

After that she started playing.

“Doe a deer -- a deer a female deer

Ray-- a drop of golden sun

Me-- a name I call myself

Far-- a long long way to run”


Grand Aunt sang sweetly while playing the tune.

Curly, Charlie, Mama and Papa all joined in the singing.