The story of the haunted house

Wednesday 14th March 2018


Grand Aunt started talking slowly.

“That house belonged to a wealthy rabbit” she started.

“His name was Claude” she added.

“Claud was very hot tempered” Grand Aunt went on talking.

“He was very wicked to servants and neighbours” she recalled.

According to Grand Aunt, Claude had married a quiet, beautiful rabbit girl.

“Her name was Glenda, a pretty little thing” Grand Aunt said softly.

However Claude had started being nasty to Glenda as well.

The wife’s family had got to know about his ways.

“One fine day when Claude was out they came and took away Glenda” Grand Aunt informed.

“Claude had turned violent when he got to know this” she said.

“He had broken tables, chairs, windows, crockery and everything in the house” she told them.

“Oh dear, dear” a shocked Rabbit Mama responded.

“What happened after that Grand Aunt” a curious Curly asked.

“The servants had fled out of fear. So only Claude remained in the house” Grand Aunt explained.

According to Grand Aunt no one had gone to the house afterwards.

Therefore no one had known what happened to Claude.

“However people have heard very scary noises coming from that house” Grand Aunt informed.

“Some have seen a huge animal roaming around the gardens” she said.

“Once or twice a month I see smoke coming from that side too” she said sipping her tea.

“When did they take away the wife?” Rabbit Mama asked.

“About fifteen years ago” Grandma replied.

“How did that man live after that without anyone to cook meals for him?” Rabbit Mama asked.

“I don’t know. No one knows what happened to him” Grand Aunt said shaking her head.

Everyone started thinking.

“Charlie, why don’t you eat anything?” Papa Rabbit asked.

Charlie took a muffin.

However his mind was elsewhere.

He was determined to find out the truth about the old house.