The Slab

Wednesday 19th June 2019


Monty the bear hit a six.

He was really good at batting.

Monty had been hitting one six after the other.

However this time the ball went missing.

Everyone looked for the ball.

Chubby and Charlie gave up the search after some time.

Monty and Willy continued.

Willy went down the slope.

He was checking the shrubs.

Suddenly Willy’s hand touched something hard.

He pushed the shrub to a side and looked.

There was a cement slab.

‘What is this?’ thought Willy.

It was like a door.

There were some strange letters inscribed on the slab.

‘Monty, look here” he called out to the bear boy.

Monty came running.

He too could not understand what that was.

Monty kept staring at the slab.

“This must be something important” he whispered to Willy.

Willy too felt the same.

They wondered what to do about that.

 “Perhaps our parents may know what this is” Monty said.

 “Who knows, there can even be treasure inside” he added.

Willy got excited.

“Oh we would be famous then” a jubilant Willy shouted.

“After all  we found this” he reminded.

Monty gave a high five to Willy.