The Old House

Wednesday 7th March 2018


Charlie looked through the window.

‘What a beautiful view’ he thought.

Grand Aunt certainly has a nice garden.

Charlie and Papa Rabbit were to share that room.

Curly and Mama Rabbit were to share the room at the rear.

Through the window Charlie could see the next hillock.

On top of it was an old house.

He wondered what that was.

Then he heard Grand Aunt’s voice.

“Charlie, come and have your tea” she said entering the room.

“Others are already at the table” she added.

Charlie however was curious to know about the old house.

He pointed a finger in that direction.

“Grand Aunt what’s that old house over there?” he asked.

Grandma strained her neck to look in that direction.

“Oh that one, it’s a mysterious place” she said.

“Why is it mysterious?” asked Charlie who was getting more curious.

“Have your tea first. Others are waiting” Grand Aunt reminded.

Charlie followed her reluctantly.

Grand Aunt had baked lovely muffins.

Charlie loves muffins.

However even those could not take his interest away from the old house.

“Why do you call that house mysterious Grand Aunt?” he asked.

“People say its haunted child” Grand Aunt replied.

“There are a lot of stores about it” she said.

Papa Rabbit, Mama Rabbit and Curly did not know what they were talking about.

Charlie told them what he saw through the window.

They all wanted to know the stories about the house.

Finally Grand Aunt agreed to tell one of them.