The lone walk

Wednesday 28th March 2018

The-lone-walk NEW

After breakfast Papa Rabbit went for a stroll.

He wanted to have a look around the farm.

Curly joined father.

Charlie went looking for Mama.

She was having a hearty chat with Grand Aunt.

Charlie went to the garden and had another look at the old house.

He wanted to have a closer view of the house.

Without thinking too much Charlie started walking down the slope.

He walked for about ten minutes to the bottom of the slope.

Then he saw a pathway.

It went upwards towards the direction of the old house.

Charlie wondered what to do.

He looked behind.

Grand Aunt’s House looked very small from down.

No one knew that he had come down the slope.

Charlie stood where he was.

He looked at the other hillock.

He could see the old house better.

It was larger than it looked from far.

However there was a thick growth of trees all around the house.

There wasn’t anyone around.

Charlie thought it was wise to return.

Reluctantly he dragged his feet up the slope.

Mama Rabbit was still talking to Grand Aunt.

Charlie went to the kitchen.

Aunt Arabella was busy with the washing.

“Oh, do you want anything Charlie” she asked kindly.

“No Aunt Arabella, I went down the slope” he said.

“I went to the bottom of the slope to have a look at that old house” he added.

A stunned Aunt Arabella stopped her work.

She opened her mouth.

Words did not come.