The leaflet

Wednesday 20th June 2018


Cutie, the Deer Mama walked fast.

She was heading towards the rabbit house.

Cutie had important news for Rabbit Mama.

“Oh Cutie, come in” Rabbit Mama welcomed her best friend.

Cutie sat on the sofa.

Rabbit Mama sat next to her.

“Did you hear about the plant bus” Cutie asked her friend.

Rabbit Mama raised her eyebrows.

“Plant bus? What’s that?” she asked.

Cutie took a leaflet from the bag.

“Everything is in the leaflet” Cutie said handing it to her friend.

Rabbit Mama glanced over the leaflet.

A bus carrying rose plants was expected to arrive at the village.

It was to come next Sunday.

The villagers would be given rose plants free of charge.

“They are going to give even orange rose plants” an excited Cutie explained.

“Oh I have never seen orange roses” a thrilled Rabbit Mama informed.

“Neither have I” Cutie pointed out.

Meanwhile Papa Rabbit walked into the house.

An excited Mama Rabbit shared the news with her husband.

Papa Rabbit went through the leaflet.

“Well good” he said after reading it.

“But I wonder why they are giving the plants free” he wondered.

Rabbit Mama and Cutie looked at each other.

Yes that was a good question.

“Let’s ask on Sunday” Cutie suggested.

So they decided to wait till Sunday.