The kitchen helper

Wednesday 21st March 2018


Charlie looked at Papa Rabbit.

Papa was fast asleep.

Charlie tiptoed and went to the window.

It was misty all around.

He could not see the old house anymore due to the mist.

Charlie was thinking about the house in the night as well.

Slowly he emerged from the room.

He could see a lamplight in the pantry.

“Grand Aunt must be up” he thought.

He was surprised to see a middle-aged woman instead.

Charlie kept staring at her.

The woman was washing dishes.

Right then Grand Aunt came to the pantry with some crockery.

“Oh Charlie are you up so early?” she asked smiling.

Charlie went closer to Grand Aunt.

“Who is this Grand Aunt?” he asked softly.

“Oh this is Arabella. She helps me around the house” Grand Aunt said smiling.

Having said that Grand Aunt went to the backyard.

Charlie noted that Arabella was of his Mama’s age.

She had a very pleasant face.

He smiled with her.

She too smiled.

“Aunt Arabella, do you know that old house?” Charlie asked all of a sudden.

Arabella could not figure out what he said.

“Which house my dear?” she asked kindly.

“That old house on the next hillock, that way” Charlie said pointing towards the direction where the house was.

Arabella nodded her head.

“Of course, yes, everyone knows about that house” she replied smiling.

 “I would like to go there Aunt Arabella” he said softly, looking down.

Arabella was stunned.

“You should not my dear” she said stroking his head.

“It’s a bad place” she affirmed.

Charlie was crestfallen.

He was wondering what to do.