The guess

Wednesday 31st July 2019


Curly was all excited.

So was Sweety.

Their brothers were to receive rewards.

“Willy will receive a bigger reward” Curly told Sweety.

“It was he who found the slab” she reminded her friend.

Sweety the monkey girl beamed.

She was so proud of her brother.

“But Charlie too will get one” Sweety insisted.

“For handing over the gold coin” she added.

Curly, the rabbit girl smiled.

The two girls were wondering what the rewards would be.

“I hope they would get story books” Curly said.

“Yes then we too could read them” Sweety agreed.

However they had doubts.

 “I hope they would not get bats” Curly said.

Sweety too hoped so.

As then Charlie and Willy walked in.

They became interested in the conversation.

“I want a bicycle” Charlie insisted.

Willy thought for a while.

“I want a big toy car” he declared.

The two girls started worrying.