The ghost

Wednesday 16th January 2019


Edward was panting heavily.

“What happened?” Papa Rabbit inquired.

“A ghost jumped at me” said a frightened Edward.

“There are no ghosts here Edward” Papa responded.

Edward looked at Papa with disbelief.

“But I saw one, he jumped at me” Edward insisted.

“I ran for my life” he added.

Papa Rabbit shook his head.

“Where did you see him” Charlie asked him.

“Near the turn to the valley” Edward said.

“He came from behind a tree and jumped at me” he went on.

A curious Charlie looked at Papa.

Curly was getting frightened.

“Let’s go and see” Papa suggested.

Curly went back to the cottage as she was frightened.

So Papa Rabbit, Charlie and Edward headed for the place.

“What was he wearing?” Papa asked on the way.

“A black cloak like thing” Edward replied.

The trio arrived at the site of the scene.

“He was hiding behind that tree” Edward pointed at a chestnut tree.

Papa Rabbit checked the tree.

The ground at the bottom of the tree was moist.

There were foot prints.

Papa bent down to have a closer look at them.

He does not believe in ghosts.

Papa wanted to find out who played the prank on Edward.