The clue

Wednesday 23rd January 2019

The-clue new

Papa noted something.

Charlie asked him what it was.

However he did not reply.

Instead Papa turned towards Edward.

“There’s nothing to be worried about”

Papa and Charlie went with Edward up to the valley.

Afterwards Papa asked Charlie to return to the grocery.

“Be there till I return. Will be back soon” he told Charlie.

Charlie left reluctantly.

He knew that Papa had found a clue.

After walking some distance Charlie turned back.

He saw Papa walking along a path way.

It led to fox Brown’s home.

Papa disappeared behind the line of trees.

Charlie headed towards the grocery.

He wondered what Brown had got to do with the ghost.

Papa rabbit hastened his steps.

He walked up to Brown’s compound.

The house door was locked.

Papa knocked on the door.