The cloak

Wednesday 30th January 2019

The cloak

“Knock, knock”

Papa Rabbit waited.

The door was opened by Mrs Brown.

“Is Mr. Brown in?” Papa asked.

“Oh yes he is in the back yard” Mrs Brown informed.

“Do come in and take a seat” she invited Papa.

Papa Rabbit sat on a sofa in the parlour.

Fox Brown walked into parlour a few minutes later.

“I was planting some cabbage” he said wiping his hands.

“Don’t get enough time to work there on school days” he added.

Fox Brown is a school master.

“Sorry to have interrupted you Brown” Papa Rabbit apologized.

“Oh no problem” Fox Brown said taking a seat.

Papa looked at Brown.

“Brown where’s Damien?” he inquired.

Damien is Fox Brown’s son.

“He went to the ground with his friends” Brown said dismissively.

“Can you check whether your cloak is there” Papa requested.

Fox Brown looked surprised.

“That black cloak you wear to school” Papa reminded him.

Fox Brown continued to look puzzled.

However he got up and went into his room.

After two minutes he was heard calling his wife.

“Maggie, Where is my cloak?”