Surprise for Curly and Sweety

Wednesday 25th April 2018

Curly-Sweety-surprised NEW

Curly and Sweety had a lot to talk.

It was after a week that they had met.

Rabbit daughter Curly told Sweety about her Grand Aunt’s village.

She offered a bag of strawberries to Sweety.

“This is from Grand Aunt’s garden” she told her friend.

Sweety, the monkey girl, loves strawberries.

Sweety thanked her profusely.

“Grand Aunt has a nice piano” Curly informed.

“Oh, really?” Sweety responded with much enthusiasm.

“Yes and she taught me a few songs” Curly said.

“Shall I teach you one?” she asked.

“Oh please do, please do” Sweety pleaded.

Curly taught her the song “Doe a Deer”.

Sweety picked up the song quickly.

Both the girls started singing it aloud.

Mama Rabbit heard the girls singing.

She came to the garden and listened to them.

After a while she went into the house to make tea for them.

Papa Rabbit heard the chorus from the grocery.

He watched them from afar smiling for some time.

All of a sudden the two girls heard a voice.

“Sweety Sweety….”

It was Sweety’s brother Willy.

Both girls got up.

A wide-eyed Willy was charging down the pathway.

“Sweety hurry up, Mama wants you” he shouted, panting as he got closer.

“What for?” asked a surprised Sweety.