Wednesday 29th April 2020


The two papas hurried up.

First they checked the hedges on the way.

There was no sign of Monty.

Then they went to the deer house.

The deer house is between bear house and the grocery.

Chubby and Cutie had already reached home by then.

They too were surprised to hear about Monty.

“What would have happened to Monty?”  Chubby wondered.

Papa deer joined the search team.

The three papas proceeded to bear house from deer house.

They were planning to check every nook and corner on the way.

Chubby followed them up to the back yard and stopped.

He knew his mama would not approve of him going out again.

Chubby walked up and down the back yard restlessly.

ZZZZZ…….he heard a buzzing sound.

It was like the sound of ten bumble bees.

It was coming from their log hut.

Chubby tip toed to see what that was.

He was surprised by what he saw.

There, Monty was fast asleep on a haystack.

He was snoring.

“Mama, mama…. Monty is here” Chubby shouted.