Wednesday 1st April 2020


The boys emerged from the pony house.

They walked down the pathway to the valley.

From there they were to head to their respective homes.

Suddenly Willy saw something.

Far away the sky was turning dark.

Clouds were rushing past.

“Look at that” he pointed towards that direction.

It was only then that Charlie and Chubby saw that.

Far away trees were bending forwards and backwards.

“A storm” a wide-eyed Chubby declared.

“Let’s run” a frightened Charlie shouted.

Willy got on to Chubby’s back.

Chubby raced.

Charlie too was running alongside.

“You two come to our house” Charlie shouted half way.

“Let’s run to Charlie’s house” Willy too told Chubby.

“It’s the closest” he reminded.

Chubby, with Willy on his back, stepped up.