Wednesday 10th April 2019

Settled new

The village monkeys were not happy.

The monkey grove was their land.

The bear family settled right next to the grove.

Willy kept staring at the bear house from behind the tree branches.

The elder bear girl spotted him.

She showed him to her brother.

The bear boy waved at Willy.

Willy was pleasantly surprised.

He too waved back at them.

“Come down” Bear boy told Willy.

Willy was a little hesitant.

Then he saw Papa bear.

Willy had met him before with Charlie and Chubby.

Willy slid down from the tree.

He knew that the bear family would not harm him.

However Willy did not want to go closer.

He stood at the bottom of the tree.

Bear boy walked towards Willy.

He was smiling all the way.

 “Mama has made some snacks” he informed Willy.

“Come and join us” he invited the monkey boy.

Willy wondered what to do.