Wednesday 29th January 2020
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Curly had grown taller.

Mama Rabbit noted it.

“You need a few new dresses” she told Curly.

That afternoon they went to seamstress’s house.

The village seamstress is Linda.

She is monkey girl Sweety’s aunt.

Linda warmly welcomed them.

She had two sewing machines.

There were stacks of cloths on a table.

“This is the new dress catalogue” Linda said giving it to Curly.

All the dresses looked so pretty.

“Oh they all look so beautiful” Curly told Mama.

“Pick about three” a smiling Mama rabbit said.

Once the patterns were picked, Curly started selecting the material.

She picked two pink materials and a yellow one.

Pink is her favourite colour.

“Don’t pick two pink ones” Mama advised her.

“Pick one from another colour” she added.

Linda showed Curly a blue and white material.

“This would look nice on you” she suggested.

Curly doesn’t like blue that much.

However she thought that the blue and white one was refreshing.