School for Bear Boy

Wednesday 1st May 2019


Papa Bear was so happy.

Bear boy, Monty, can now attend school.

The Deer School had agreed to admit Bear Boy.

It was Chubby’s father and Claude who helped Bear Boy to obtain admission.

Papa Bear never thought his son would get a school.

Since there are no other bear families there is no bear school in the village.

So Papa Bear Claude was planning to home school Monty.

Papa Bear took his son to school on the first day.

Some deer children got frightened.

Monty sat a little away from the others.

He was not admitted to Chubby’s class.

Chubby is in the junior class.

Since Monty was two years older he sat in the senior class.

Chubby offered to take Monty to school on the second day.

Monty visited Chubby’s house with his father.

The two boys left for school together.

Papa Bear turned to Papa Deer.

 “I am so grateful to you” he told Papa Deer Claude.

“I never thought I could admit my child to a school” he added.

Papa Deer smiled.

“Oh that’s nothing” he said.

Bear Tony was so glad that he had a valuable friend like Papa Deer.