Rose bus arrives

Wednesday 27th June 2018


The waiting was over.

The honking of the horn made everyone excited.

It had to be the bus.

Yes it was.

A big red bus was coming down the road.

Everyone ran towards it.

It stopped at the junction.

Two people with big smiles got off.

One of them started addressing the crowd.

“Good morning everyone, I am Davy” he introduced himself.

“That’s my friend Collin” he said pointing at the other person.

“We own a flower shop in Mulberry Town” Davy explained.

“We have received a big order for roses” he went on.

Then everyone could figure out what it was.

Davy and Collin wanted the villagers to plant the roses.

The two friends visited them regularly to buy the roses.

“How much would you pay for a rose?” Papa deer asked.

“Thirty shillings for yellow and pink roses” Collin started talking.

“Fifty shillings for red and orange ones” he added.

That was a good price.

“We are giving plants free” Davy informed.

Everyone got excited.

“Ok we agree” Papa deer, Papa rabbit and others told Davy and Collins.

Davy and Collins thanked them profusely.

The villagers helped the two friends to unload the plants.

There was a big demand for orange roses.

“We will visit you in a month’s time to see the progress” Collins informed.

Everyone went home happily carrying plants in both arms.