Wednesday 22nd January 2020
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Cutie broke the news.

Everyone rushed to the rock.

The fountain held all in awe.

Everyone drank its fresh water.

It was so cold.

Chubby wanted to have a bath.

“Not now Chubby” Cutie told her son.

“The others must be on their way back” she reminded.

They all returned to where they were waiting.

About twenty minutes passed.

The team that climbed uphill, returned.

They had so many stories to tell.

Willy was talking non-stop.

“You can see a big waterfall from the top” he said.

“It makes a river” Charlie added.

“Mama found a fresh water fountain” Chubby told his friends.

“It’s close by” he said.

Charlie and Willy went with him to see it.

Afterwards everyone had a soft drink.

About ten minutes later they all set off downhill.

Everyone was feeling so happy.

It was an exciting day for all.