Quiet girl

Wednesday 12th June 2019


Curly got closer to the big bear girl.

“What’s your name?” she asked quietly.

Bear girl turned red with shyness.

‘Lizzy” she said looking down.

Curly smiled.

She realised that Lizzy was extremely shy.

Curly felt sorry for her.

The little bear girl however was quite the opposite.

She spoke non-stop.

Mama Bear took the children back to the grocery after a while.

Curly turned to her mother.

“Mama, that big bear girl’s name is Lizzy” she informed.

Mama rabbit smiled.

“Then her name must be Elizabeth” Mama told Curly.

“Lizzy is the short form of Elizabeth” she explained.

Curly was surprised to learn that.

She started thinking.

Elizabeth is a very big name, she thought.

“I feel sorry for Elizabeth, Mama” Curly said.

“She is very, very shy” she informed.

“I too noted. Poor thing” Mama Rabbit too agreed.

“I hope she would get a school soon” she added.

“Then she would become more interactive” Mama pointed out.

Curly too thought the same.

She sincerely hoped Elizabeth would soon get a school.