Public transport

Wednesday 12th February 2020
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Willy started the engine.

The ducklings huddled up together.

They got so scared.

Willy started driving the car smoothly.

Gradually the ducklings got used to the ride.

After some time they lost the fear.

Instead they started shouting in joy.

It was a big din.

The car was approaching the deer house.

Chubby and his mother came out of the house.

They were wondering what the big noise was.

Chubby could not stop laughing.

Willy stopped the car in front of the house.

The ducklings jumped off the vehicle.

Chubby’s mama Cutie too was amused.

“Willy you have started a public transport system” she said.

Willy smiled.

The ducklings handed over the berry baskets to Cutie.

“Willy I got the berries early thanks to you,” she added.

Chubby turned towards the ducklings.

“Aren’t you thanking Willy” he asked the little ones.

“Thank you” the ducklings thanked Willy in chorus.