Poor Vega

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Vega’s sister opened the door.

She was surprised to see the boys.

“Mama” she called her mother.

Pony Mama saw the boys.

She warmly welcomed them.

“Come in Come in”.

The boys felt better.

“Vega is still on the bed” she whispered.

“His back has not healed fully” she added.

The boys were so disturbed hearing that.

They followed Pony Mama to Vega’s room.

Vega was lying on the bed.

He kept staring at his friends.

It looked as if he was in pain.

Charlie gave the sweets to Vega.

Vega smiled dryly when he saw the sweets.

However he did not open the bag of sweets.

“Sorry we did not know that you got so hurt” Willy said.

Vega looked down.

“Monty was very heavy” he said softly.

“Oh yes he is like a giant, too big for his age” Chubby said.

Vega smiled.