Plank behind the store

Wednesday 10th January 2018

Plank-behind-the-store NEW

It was the ultimate fun, thought Charlie.

He had always dreamed of owning a slide.

The plank that stood behind the store renewed his dream.

“What do you say Chubby?” asked Charlie.

“Good for a slide, isn’t it?” he queried.

Chubby looked at the plank.

“It doesn’t look that strong” he said.

“It is strong enough, don’t worry” Charlie assured him.

“Let’s quietly carry this to the meadow” he added.

Chubby was hesitant.

“Shall we ask your Papa?” he asked.

“Papa has gone to town” Charlie replied.

“He will not return till evening” he informed.

“Come let’s carry this” Charlie prodded.

Chubby hardly had a choice.

He lifted one side of the plank.

Charlie lifted the other side.

It was heavy for the Rabbit boy.

“Ooooh this is heavy” he said.

Still Charlie did n’t give up.

Chubby took the lead.

Charlie followed him.

Very soon Charlie became too tired.

“Let’s stop for a while” he pleaded.

They kept the plank on the ground.

“Let’s whistle for Willy” Chubby suggested.

Together they whistled loud.

After a few seconds they heard Willy’s reply.

However they also saw someone walking down the lane.

“Oh our Mama” a wide eyed Chubby said.

“What shall we say now?” he asked Charlie.

Charlie could not think of anything.