Peaceful family

Wednesday 27th March 2019


The news spread like a wildfire.

Everyone was talking about it.

It was about a bear family going to live in the village.

Vega, the baby pony was very concerned.

“I don’t like bears” he declared to his friends.

“Nobody likes bears” Chubby told Vega

“Then why are they coming?” Vega asked.

“The District head wants them here” Charlie explained to Vega.

“My Papa has been asked to help them to settle down” he added.

Vega was confused.

“Mama says there’s a village for bears faraway” he informed.

“Yes, Papa says bears there are very violent” Charlie said.

“This bear family is also from there” he informed.

Chubby, Willy and Vega got really frightened.

“The District head had told Papa that this bear family is peaceful” Charlie went on.

“So they had left that village” he explained.

That gave some relief to the boys.

“Where are they now?” Willy asked.

“In cow town” Charlie replied.

“Cows must be running all over now” Chubby declared.

“Yes that’s why the family is moving here” Charlie said.

However Vega was not happy at all.

“Still I don’t want bears in the village” Vega grumbled.

“We have no choice, we are children” Willy pointed out.