Parrots too sing

Thursday 4th January 2018

Chorus new

Charley and his two friends stopped walking.

“What is that singing?” inquired Chubby.

“Yes quite a chorus” Willy responded.

It was coming from the shrubbery.

“Shall we go and check it out?” Chubby asked.

“We may get late to go home” Charlie pointed out.

“We will have a quick look” Willy took Chubby’s side.

So Charlie too had to agree.

They got closer to the shrubbery

The singing grew louder and louder.

It was one big earsplitting shrill.

The three boys covered their ears.

There on the ground stood a group of young parrots.

They stopped singing when they saw the boys.

All of them wondered why the boys were covering their ears.

They stared at the boys.

Charlie, Chubby and Willy put their hands down.

“Why are you making this loud noise?” Chubby asked like a grown up.

“We are practicing for the singing competition” one parrot said.

“Yes singing competition of the Birds’ School” another added.

Chubby flashed a smile.

He wanted to be a little mischievous.

“You’re going to bring the school roof down with your signing” he said light -heartedly.

The parrots however did not take it as a joke.

“So is that your problem?” one asked sharply.

“It’s our school, not yours, so don’t worry” said another.

They all started shouting at Chubby.

Charlie knew it was the time to intervene.

“Sorry, sorry, our friend was just joking” he tried to explain.

“He is too much” the parrot said frowning at Chubby.

“Ok Ok we are leaving” Charlie informed dragging Chubby towards him.

The three friends turned back.

“Phew! Youngsters now a days are very hot tempered,” Chubby declared.

“It was you who provoke them,” Willy reminded Chubby.

“Let’s run home. Our parents must be getting worried,” he added.

The three friends started running towards the road.