On guard

Wednesday 10th July 2019


Fox Brown left the village that afternoon itself.

He was going to meet the Government Agent.

It takes a day to go to the big town.

Brown asked the villagers to guard the slab till he returned.

He was expected to return with the Government Agent.

It was getting dark.

Papa deer was getting ready.

He was to guard the slab that night.

Papa monkey too was expected to join them.

Chubby pleaded with Papa.

“Papa please let me come with you”

Papa Deer shook his head.

“No. You have to attend school tomorrow” he reminded Chubby.

Chubby started sulking.

Papa Monkey tapped on the door.

Papa deer opened it.

“I am ready” he informed Papa monkey.

Papa Monkey saw Chubby.

“Hello Chubby” he patted on Chubby’s head.

However Chubby wasn’t in a happy mood.

Papa deer explained the reason to Papa monkey.

“Our Willy too was pleading with me” Papa Monkey informed.

“But you children have to attend school tomorrow” he too reminded.

Chubby looked down.

He felt sorry for Willy too.