Wednesday 5th February 2020
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Willy took the toy car out.

He had got father’s permission to ride it again.

He started driving towards Chubby’s house.

At the turn Willy met the team of ducklings.

They were amused by the car.

However they all frowned at Willy.

Surely the ducklings remembered the pool episode.

They had baskets in their hands.

The baskets contained berries.

“Are you going to Aunty Cutie’s?” Willy asked.

The ducklings remained quiet.

“I can give you a ride to the deer house” Willy offered.

The ducklings rolled their eyes.

It surely was an exciting idea.

However they had not forgiven Willy for the pool fiasco.

Willy could read their minds.

“Let’s forget the pool episode” Willy said.

“I apologise” he added.

The ducklings were in two minds.

Willy got off the car.

He lifted a duckling and placed it on the back seat.

He started doing the same with the rest as well.