Off to the grocery

Wednesday 13th March 2019


That was news for Charlie and Chubby.

“Who could that be?” they too thought.

The three friends waited.

A minute or two passed.

Then a big figure emerged from behind the hedge.

He was so big and dark.

He really looked scary.

Charlie and Willy could not utter a word.

“A bear” Chubby said softly to them.

The bear saw the boys from afar.

He started walking towards them.

The three boys got frightened.

As he got closer the bear smiled with them.

The boys were a little relieved.

They too smiled with him.

“Could you please tell me where the grocery is?” he asked them.

“I have to meet the owner of the grocery” he added.

Charlie could not open his mouth.

Chubby gave him the directions.

 ‘This is the owner’s son” he also said pointing at Charlie.

Charlie was horrified.

“Is that so?” the bear asked smiling.

“Nice to meet you” he said extending his hairy hand to Charlie.

A shivering Charlie shook hands with the bear.

Afterwards the bear took its leave of them.

Charlie was red with anger.

“Why did you tell that I am the grocer’s son?” he asked Chubby.

“Yes you should not have said so” Willy too argued.

Chubby started scratching his head.