Not that bad

Wednesday 22nd May 2019


Willy was the first to reach Vega.

He jumped on Vega’s back.

Vega is very fond of Willy.

“Join us Vega, you will get used to Monty” Willy said.

“I will never get used to bears” Vega said looking down.

Willy was not discouraged.

“Anyway just join us and stand next to me” he told Vega.

Vega finally agreed.

Charlie and Chubby were so relieved when they heard about that.

Monty the bear boy tried to smile with Vega.

Vega continued to look the other way.

Monty was not offended.

He knew some villagers were scared of bears.

Everyone reached the cricket pitch again.

Monty started bowling.

Chubby hit the ball hard.

Willy jumped on Vega’s back and caught the ball.

Monty came running towards Vega.

Vega stood still.

Monty gave a high five to Willy.

“Willy you are a superstar” Monty asked.

Next he looked at Vega.

“Thank you Vega for helping us” a smiling Monty told Vega.

Vega looked at Monty slyly.

“Monty is not that bad” thought Vega.