New saddle

Wednesday 26th February 2020
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Vega came galloping to the ground.

It was then only the others saw it.

He had got a brand new saddle.

It was so colourful.

The saddle was red and white.

It had beautiful beads.

Everyone rallied around the pony boy.

“Oh Vega this is so beautiful” they said.

 “My grandma bought this for me” Vega said proudly.

“I got two more” he added.

Vega’s family was visiting relations in the city.

He started telling his friends what he saw in the city.

“There’s a bear circus there” Vega said with excitement.

That’s certainly big news.

“How can bears perform at the circus” Willy asked.

“They are so heavy” Chubby too reminded.

“But they were jumping and dancing there” Vega insisted.

“They did somersaults too” he went on explaining.

That’s really interesting.

They thought about their friend Monty, the bear boy.

“Our Monty will never do somersaults” Charlie said.

“But he can always learn” Vega insisted.