Narrow escape

Wednesday 17th January 2018


Charlie and Chubby stood still.

Chubby’s mother Cutie got closer.

“Where are you going?” Cutie asked.

“To the meadow” Chubby said softly.

Cutie looked at the plank on the ground.

“What is this?” she queried curiously.

“That’s for a slide” Chubby muttered.

“From where did you get this plank?” Cutie asked again.

Charlie who was keeping quiet all this time spoke.

“From our store” he answered.

Cutie had a second look at the plank.

‘It looks a good one” she said thoughtfully.

“Don’t spoil it” advised Cutie.

Then much to the relief of Chubby and Charlie she left.

“Don’t get late” Cutie said proceeding down the lane.

How relieved the two boys were.

Willy arrived soon after.

He was delighted when he heard about their plan.

The three boys lifted the plank.

They started proceeding towards the meadow.

“Where are we going to place the plank?” Chubby asked.

Charlie thought for a while.

“We have to find a good tree with low branches” he said vaguely.

“Let’s keep it against the Elm tree near the slope” Willy suggested.

“Willy… you are a super thinker” Chubby complimented him.

“Yes that’s the best tree for a slide” Charlie too agreed.

Willy beamed with happiness.