Monty goes missing

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


It was a big relief.

Everyone was safe, everyone thought so.

Then they saw Papa bear running towards the grocery.

“I am here” Papa Rabbit shouted from home.

Papa bear turned.

He came running to the rabbit house.

“Did our Monty come here” he asked almost breathless.

Monty is the elder son of the bear family.

“No” Papa Rabbit replied.

Papa bear looked frightened.

“He left home for the grocery” Papa bear explained.

Everyone panicked.

“Where has Monty gone” they wondered.

“Don’t worry” Papa Rabbit pacified Papa Bear.

“”I’ll come with you, let’s go and search” he added.

“Yes nothing would have happened to Monty” Charlie too assured.

“He is too big to be swept away by the storm” he said.

The two papas left rabbit house in search of Monty.