Mamas talk

Wednesday 5th June 2019


Mama Rabbit greeted the visitors warmly.

‘Please come in and take a seat’ she told them.

Mama Bear sat on the sofa.

The little bear girl sat on her lap.

Bear boy and big bear girl sat on either side of Mama Bear.

Mama Rabbit started talking.

“Cutie has told me a lot about you” she informed Mama Bear.

“Oh, is that so?” Mama Bear responded with a smile.

Deer Mama Cutie is Mama Rabbit’s best friend.

Cutie met Mama Bear on the bears’ first day at the village.

Since then Cutie and her husband have been helping the bears.

“Cutie and Claude have been helping us a lot” Mama Bear informed.

Charlie was getting impatient.

He was not interested in the conversation.

“Mama shall I take Monty to the garden?” he asked Mama Rabbit.

“Oh yes please” Mama Rabbit told her son.

A happy Bear boy followed Charlie to the garden.

Curly wanted to join them with big bear girl.

However she waited.

The little bear girl looked confused.

She could not understand the talk between the Mamas.

She looked around with big eyes.

“What do you like to eat darling?” Mama Rabbit asked her.

 “Do you like cupcakes?” she asked.

The little one nodded her head in agreement.

“I will get you some” Mama Rabbit told the girl.