Mama’s shock

Wednesday 24th April 2019


Willy never expected that.

His Mama was in a state of shock.

At first she could not speak.

“Why did you go to their house?” a wide-eyed Mama asked.

“I did not go to the bear house” Willy insisted.

Mama Monkey was a little confused.

“Then how did he give you the sweets?” she asked.

Willy told her the whole story.

Still Mama was very disturbed.

“Don’t eat the sweets” she ordered.

Willy was so disappointed.

After all Chubby’s parents helped the bears to push the carts.

Willy reminded Mama about that.

Mama did not respond.

Willy was sulking the whole day.

Papa Monkey came home very late that day.

Mama told him what had happened.

Willy overheard the conversation.

“Oh they are a nice lot” Papa Monkey informed his wife.

“I met the bear at the grocery a short while ago” he added.

Willy could not help smiling.

He dragged his feet to his parents’ room.

“Can I have the sweets Papa?” he asked.

“Yes, go ahead” Papa replied.

How happy Willy was.