Mama’s query

Wednesday 8th May 2019


Sweety was talking non-stop.

The monkey girl had a lot to tell Curly.

Curly the rabbit girl was listening carefully.

“We were so scared of the bears” said Sweety.

“Their house is close to our compound” she explained.

“However everyone says they are nice people” she added.

Curly agreed.

“That’s what Mama and Papa too told us” she told Sweety.

Mama Rabbit joined them at that moment.

“I heard that the elder bear girl is without a school” she informed.

Both Curly and Sweety felt sorry for the bear girl.

“Do you want her in your school?” a smiling Mama asked Sweety.

Sweety thought for a few seconds.

She could not decide.

Sweety had not met anyone from the bear family.

She found having a bear girl as a classmate a bit odd.

Sweety feared bears.

“I am scared of bears” a shy Sweety told Mama Rabbit.

Mama smiled and turned towards Curly.

“Curly too is scared of them” she informed Sweety.

Sweety and Curly both smiled.