Known face

Wednesday 17th April 2019


Willy did not move.

Bear boy understood his dilemma.

“I will bring you some sweets” he told Willy.

Willy waited.

The boy returned after a minutes.

He was followed by his father.

The boy gave a small box to Willy.

“Thank you” Willy said softly.

Papa bear looked at Willy with curiosity.

He kept on looking at him.

 “I think we have met before” Papa bear told Willy.

Willy blushed.

“Yes” Willy replied smiling.

“You asked for directions to get to the grocery from us” he reminded Papa bear.

Papa bear laughed aloud.

It was a big loud laugh.

“Oh yes”

“You were with the grocery owner’s son” Papa bear said smiling.

Bear boy was amused.

“So you knew each other” he said joining in the fun.

Willy was feeling relaxed and happy.

He realized that the bear family was nice and kind.

Willy took his leave from Bear papa and the son.

He had got sweets from the bear family.

What would Charlie and Chubby have said  if they get to know that?