Keeping notes

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Get-together New

It was after weeks that the three boys finally met.

Charlie, Willy and Chubby were so happy.

“It was like ages” Charlie said.

 “Yes, we should find a way to be in touch even when we don’t meet” Willy suggested.

“Otherwise I wouldn’t know what you two are up to” he explained.

Charlie and Chubby agreed.

The three boys sat on the ground.

They were thinking hard of a way.

“Shall we ask the Blue bird to play postman for us” Chubby asked.

“That would not work” Charlie dismissed the idea.

 “Yes. He would not take the trouble to visit us daily” Will too explained.

The boys started thinking again.

Suddenly Willy jumped up.

“Let’s keep notes at the T-junction” he suggested.

T junction is where the three lanes, heading to the houses of the three boys, meet.

“That’s a super idea” both Charlie and Chubby cheered.

“Let’s go there and pick a place to hide our notes” Charlie suggested.

The three boys proceeded towards the T junction.

At first they couldn’t figure a proper place.

“It should be properly shaded from the rain” Willy reminded.

The boys travelled around the place.

Right next to the junction was a small Willow tree.

Charlie looked at it carefully.

Then he looked around.

There were a few rocks a little distance away.

He walked up to one.

“Can you help me carry this” he told Chubby and Willy.

The two friends looked surprised, but helped him.

The rock was placed under the tree.

“We’ll keep the notes under this rock” Charlie suggested triumphantly.

The other two beamed.

”But make sure you hide the notes when nobody is looking” Charlie cautioned.

“Yes otherwise everyone will read our notes” Willy and Chubby too agreed.