Home work

Wednesday 4th July 2018


Charlie was riding on the swing.

Papa Rabbit made it a few days back.

He fixed it near the grocery store.

Mama Rabbit came looking for Charlie.

“Charlie what’s happening to your homework?” she asked.

Charlie stopped swinging.

“You came from school saying you have a lot of home work today” Mama reminded.

“I will do that later Mama” Charlie pleaded.

“Ten more minutes of swinging and no more” Mama declared an ultimatum.

Charlie nodded his head.

He thought about his homework.

All the Rabbit school boys are having an issue with Mr. Wriggler.

Mr. Wriggler is the geography teacher.

He gives too much home work.

Besides he is very strict.

Charlie would not dare go to school without doing homework.

Mama went back to the cottage.

Charlie started swinging again.

He was swinging fast.

After all he had only ten minutes more.

He went high up with the swing.

Then something caught his eye.

He saw a blue T shirt.

He swung right above the shrubbery next time.

Yes, someone was there.