Here they come

Wednesday 3rd April 2019


It was quite a sight.

The bear family was walking through the village.

Papa bear was pushing a hand cart.

It had a few pieces of furniture.

On top of the furniture sat a baby bear girl.

Mama bear was pushing a smaller cart.

It had some bags.

A bear boy and a girl walked beside her.

Both of them looked small.

The villagers were looking at them with wide eyes.

They were watching from behind trees and shrubs.

The bear family was aware of it.

They could see some of the villagers.

Chubby, the deer boy was staring at them.

Chubby’s father felt sorry for the bear family.

So was his wife Cutie.

Chubby’s father offered to help push Papa bear’s cart.

“That’s very kind of you” said Papa bear.

“By the way I am Tony” he introduced himself.

“I am Claude” the deer Papa said shaking hands with him.

Cutie came to Mama bear’s side.

“Let me push the cart. You must be tired” she told the Mama bear.

“Thank you so much. Yes I am” Mama bear replied.

“We have been walking for hours” she added.

“What’s your name?” the Mama bear asked Cutie.

“I am Cutie” Cutie told her.

“I am Lolita” the Mama bear smiled introducing herself.