Here comes Charlie

Wednesday 6th June 2018


Willy and Chubby waited.

However they didn’t have to wait for long.

They saw Charlie running down the road.

Willy and Chubby were planning to pull up Charlie.

After all his note created quite confusion in them.

He should have known to date his letters.

However when Charlie got closer they both forgot about it.

What was in Charlie’s hand caught their attention.

It was a new bat.

It was a wooden one, but looked very elegant.

It had stickers all over.

Charlie flashed a big grin.

“Papa bought it for me from town” he told his friends.

Willy and Chubby admired it.

They were so glad.

They knew Charlie would let them use the bat.

“These stickers are mine” Charlie said.

They were bright coloured stickers.

“I am so relieved’ he told his friends.

“I was wondering whether you would see my note” he explained.

That reminded Willy and Charlie of the grouse.

“You are a fine one Charlie” Chubby started complaining.

Willy too joined Chubby.

“Yes we didn’t know when was your tomorrow” he grumbled.

Charlie realized the mistake he had made.

“I am so sorry, it will never happen again” he said.

“I will make it a point to write the date hereafter” Charlie promised.

So he was forgiven by the two friends.

Charlie pulled something out of his pocket.

A new ball.

Willy and Chubby cheered and jumped up in joy.

“Who wants to play a game of cricket” Charlie asked smiling.

“We both, we both” Willy and Chubby replied cheerfully.

The three friends ran towards the playground.