Grand Aunt worried

Wednesday 4th April 2018


Aunt Arabella kept staring at Charlie.

It’s as if she had seen a ghost.

Charlie was wondering why she was so shocked.

Finally she was able to talk.

“Oh Charlie you should not have gone there” she said with anguish.

Then she almost ran out of the kitchen.

Charlie could not think of anything.

After a few seconds she returned with Mama and Grant Aunt.

“What did you do Charlie?” a wide-eyed Mama inquired.

“I did not do anything” a confused Charlie replied.

“I only went down the slope” he explained.

“Just to have a closer look at that old house” he added casually.

Mama Rabbit heaved a sigh of relief.

However Grand Aunt had a frightened look.

She walked up to Charlie and grabbed his hand.

“You should not have gone that way” Grand Aunt said soberly.

Mama was puzzled.

“Why Aunt?” she asked.

“I will tell you quietly” Grand Aunt almost whispered to Mama.

“He had only gone to the bottom of the slope” Mama explained.

“Still better not go that way” Grand Aunt said giving Charlie a concerned look.

Charlie was both confused and disappointed.

He did not expect his walk to create such a big fuss.

He looked down.

Grand Aunt stroked his head.

“It’s ok, you did not know that” she pacified him.

“You should have asked Grand Aunt before going there Charlie” Mama said kindly.

However Charlie was not listening to them anymore.

He was wondering what Grand Aunt wanted to tell Mama quietly.

“There, Papa and Curly are returning” Mama said pointing towards that direction.

“Please prepare some coffee with muffins” Grand Aunt told Arabella.

Everyone dispersed afterwards.