Wednesday 18th April 2018


The bags were lying in the verandah.

Papa Rabbit shook hands with Grand Aunt.

Mama Rabbit and Curly gave her kisses.

After that Charlie walked up to her.

Grand Aunt gave a big hug and a kiss to Charlie.

“Please come back Charlie” she said softly to her grandnephew.

Charlie felt sorry for her.

Grand Aunt does not often get visitors.

She is going to be all alone again.

Papa and Mama picked up the bags.

Everyone got on to the garden.

Charlie turned back.

He had a last look at the old house on the next hillock.

It did not look haunted at all.

It looked like a normal house.

“Do you want to go there again son” Papa asked.

Charlie blushed.

He shook his head.


“Oh it looks like he has had enough of that house” Mama said smiling.

Grand Aunt took Charlie’s hand.

“Come again Charlie” she said.

Charlie gave a big hug to her.

He wished he had spent more time with Grand Aunt.

Charlie realized that the old house distracted him too much.

He would have spent more time with Grand Aunt otherwise.

Grand Aunt walked with them half way down the slope.

After more goodbyes to her Papa, Mama, Charlie and Curly proceeded.

Once they reached the road, at the bottom on the slope, they all looked up.

There, they could see Grand Aunt waving at them.

They all waved back to her.