Good news for Sweety

Wednesday 2nd May 2018


Willy stopped in front of the two girls.

However he could hardly speak.

He was panting.

After taking a few long breaths Willy started speaking.

“Uncle is going to Vanilla tomorrow” he broke the news.

“And he is going to take both of us” he added.

“Ohhhhh” Sweety jumped up in joy.

Curly was happy for her friend.

Vanilla is a village for orphaned young monkeys.

It is situated in a valley.

It takes about three hours to get there.

Sweety’s and Willy’s uncle goes there annually.

He fixes broken furniture at the orphanage.

Often he would take Sweety and Willy along with him.

The two children play with the little monkeys.

“Mama wants you to help with the baking” Willy informed sister.

“She is baking cakes for the orphanage” he added.

“Then you better hurry up Sweety” reminded Curly.

“Don’t forget the strawberries” she told her friend.

Sweety picked up the bag from the ground.

“Oh I too want strawberries Curly” pleaded Willy.

“There’s enough for both of us Willy” Sweety told her brother.

They said bye to Curly and started running down the path.

“Sweety, you can teach ‘Doe a Deer’ to the little ones” Curly said loudly.

“Oh yes, I will I will” Sweety promised.

With that Sweety started singing the song while running.

“Doe a Deer a female deer…...”.

Curly laughed.

She was happy that she had taught the song to Sweety.

Curly went into the rabbit house singing the same.