Feast for the ducklings

Wednesday 14th February 2018

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Charlie peeped through the grocery window.

He couldn’t see the ducklings there.

“Where did they go?” he thought.

Then he quietly passed the grocery.

Others followed him.

Then they saw the ducklings.

They were all on the lawn eating happily.

The boys got closer with the girls right behind them.

The ducklings were having cupcakes.

Curly and Sweety who followed the boys couldn’t believe their eyes.

Curly ran towards the grocery.

The others followed her.

“Papa did you give them all the cupcakes?” she asked, almost in tears.

Papa smiled.

“No no there’s some more left” he said smiling.

Curly was relieved.

“I got Mama to make some extra ones today” Papa said.

“I had to treat the ducklings to some cupcakes” he added.

“For what Papa?” asked Charlie.

Everyone got closer to Papa to hear the reason.

Papa Rabbit told the story.

The previous day Papa had gone to the village across the river.

He had got some money by selling goods.

On the way back he had wanted to count the money again.

When he was doing that a strong wind had swept across the meadow.

The notes had flown all over, as a result.

Fortunately the ducklings had observed the scene.

They had quickly flown up and down and collected all notes for Papa.

“So I told them to come this way today” Papa concluded.

Curly, Charlie and their friends were happy.

They knew it was a well- deserved treat.

“Here are your cupcakes” Papa said handing the balance cupcakes to the little team.