Enough is enough

Wednesday 19th February 2020
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The news spread like a wildfire.

The ducklings themselves were telling everyone.

They were talking about it for days.

The children in the village got so excited.

They were pleading for toy car rides.

Initially Willy obliged.

Birds and rabbits often boarded the car.

Next came the monkeys.

One day the fox children wanted a ride.

With difficulty Willy took them one by one.

They were heavy.

Another day big bear boy Monty arrived.

Willy had to say no.

There was hardly space for Monty in the car.

Monty then offered to drive.

Willy said he would not give the wheel to anyone.

Willy was exhausted.

He had enough of the car.

He hardly had time to play with Charlie and Chubby.

Willy asked his father to put the car in the storeroom.

He would not ride it again for some time.