Doing the duck walk

Wednesday 7th February 2018


Sweety admired the little table.

“Oh, this is so nice Curly” she told her friend.

Curly beamed.

Sweety, the monkey was happy for her friend, the Rabbit girl.

Curly looked at the garden.

Her brother Charlie and Sweety’s brother Willy were there.

They were talking to their friend Chubby the deer boy.

The two girls walked towards them.

All of a sudden they saw a pack of ducklings.

There were about eight of them.

All of them were heading towards the grocery in one line.

It resembled a procession.

The ducklings totally ignored the crowd in the garden.

They walked past them as if they weren’t there.

The boys and girls got really curious.

“Where are you going?” Charlie asked.

“To the grocery” one of them said.

“Yes, to see Papa Rabbit” another answered.

Charlie looked at Chubby and Willy.

“Shall we go and see” he asked.

“That’s not nice Charlie” Curly reminded.

Still no one could get over the curiosity.

They waited for a minute or two.

However there was no sign of the ducks returning.

Slowly the boys walked towards the grocery.

“Shall we follow?” Sweety asked Curly.

Curly didn’t know what to say.

Sweety grabbed Curly’s hand.

The two girls started following the boys.