Cutie’s surprise

Wednesday 27th December 2017

Cutie's Surprise

Papa Deer woke up Chubby.

It was 5am.

Chubby opened his eyes lazily.

He looked at Papa.

“Wake up, we have to decorate the house” Papa reminded.

Chubby kept looking at Papa for some time.

Suddenly he remembered something.

Chubby got up in a hurry and followed father to the attic.

They brought down the boxes containing ribbons and balloons.

By 5.30 they had decorated the living room.

“I am going to Rabbit’s house to bring the cake” Papa reminded Chubby.

“Keep the front door open” he added.

Papa returned after a while with a big cake.

Mama Deer Cutie had woken up by then.

She started preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

She wasn’t aware of what was happening in the living room.

Papa Deer quietly opened the front door and kept the cake in living room.

Chubby arranged the candles around the cake.

Afterwards they both sat on the sofa and waited.

Mama Deer entered Chubby’s room to wake him up.

She was surprised to find that he wasn’t there.

“Chubby where are you?” she called him.

There was no reply.

She walked towards the living room.

“Happy birthday to you” Papa and Chubby started singing.

Mama couldn’t believe her eyes.

She looked surprised, but was very happy.

She had forgotten her birthday.

Mama was really touched by what her husband and son had done.

She cut the cake and they all had a good time.