Wednesday 26th June 2019


The news spread so rapidly.

Within an hour it reached most of the villagers.

Everyone ran towards the slope.

Willy, Monty, Charlie and Chubby guided them to the slab.

Papa Deer tried to figure out the inscription.

He didn’t understand it.

Papa Rabbit too couldn’t identify.

None of the others too could understand it.

“Perhaps Fox Brown may read it” Papa Rabbit said.

Fox Brown is a school master.

“Wonder whether he heard the news” Papa added.

Others too thought that Fox Brown might read the letters.

“Shall I bring him here” Chubby asked.

“Yes you go with Charlie” Papa Rabbit said.

Chubby and Charlie raced towards the valley.

Just before the valley they turned and took the pathway.

They stopped running only when reaching Brown’s cottage.

Fox Brown opened the door on hearing the noise.

However none of the boys could speak.

They were both panting.

“What’s this?” asked Fox Brown.