Wednesday 6th February 2019


Mrs Brown looked for the cloak.

Even she could not find it.

“What happened to the cloak?” she asked her husband.

Fox Brown returned to the parlour.

Mrs Brown followed her.

 “I don’t think the cloak is in the house now” Papa Rabbit told them.

The fox couple looked puzzled.

Papa Rabbit had no choice.

He told the Browns the story of candy seller Edward.

“The foot prints behind the tree were those of a young fox” Papa said.

“Also Edward spoke of a black cloak” he emphasised.

“You are the only fox in the village that has a black cloak” Papa added.

Fox Brown scratched his head.

“I am sure its Damien” he said softly.

“I hope he has not torn the cloak” a worried Fox Brown said.

Mrs. Brown looked so troubled.

“There’s no end to Damien’s mischief” she said sorrowfully.

Fox Brown wanted to go looking for Damien.

He went in and returned wearing a new outfit.

“If Damien comes don’t let him go out” he told his wife.

Mrs. Brown nodded her head.

Fox Brown walked down the steps to the garden.

Papa Rabbit too took his leave of Mrs Brown.

Fox Brown and Papa Rabbit walked down the pathway silently.